What Material Is Your Car Made Of?

What Material is your Car Made of?

The auto industry is always reinventing itself. New ideas come out every year to improve safety, drivability and appearance. There are digital features that make driving easier and auto body material that makes cars safer. Depending on the type of car and year it was introduced, the frame could be made of several different elements. Learn more about the common types of auto body materials and the role they can have on your car. From steel frames to plastic bumpers, auto bodies hold together with multiple components.

Steel Chassis

The chassis is the basic frame that makes up the car. Most times, the chassis will be made of heavy steel. The steel chassis gives the car its shape and majority of its weight. Steel is a strong structure that acts as the car’s foundation. Every other part is built on top or around the chassis. There is also more steel parts under the hood of the car.

Aluminum Body

Aluminum bodies are increasing for cars. The aluminum is a metal material much lighter than steel. Since steel is so heavy, cars that use lighter auto body materials can move much faster. Many sports cars contain aluminum hubcaps and auto body panels. The aluminum is lightweight, but not as strong. So, aluminum can provide fast performance with a warning.

Plastic Bumpers

Newer cars come with hard sturdy plastics. The plastic parts make up the car with the front bumper, back bumper and other portions of the auto body. Plastic easily molds into the shape that auto manufacturers need when designing their cars. However, it can also change shape easily with dents from other cars or surrounding objects.

Glass and Rubber

In addition to the auto body, the smaller parts of the car are from glass and rubber. These accessory parts like the windows and tires do not have too much variation besides the size. Windows will more likely than not be glass while the tires are going to be rubber.

Understanding your car's materials of will help with safety and performance. Cars will vary with their auto body material, but drivers should have a general idea. Especially when it comes to collision repair, the driver can recognize the size of the job based on what portion of the car has damages. Auto body material is changing and so is the auto industry. Stay up to date on new releases and automotive inventions.

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop