How To Keep Your Christmas Tree From Ruining Your Car

Christmas is just around the corner, and many people in Houston, Texas, are searching for the perfect tree to decorate their house with. However, the perfect tree can damage your car while you’re transporting it to your home. Santa Ana Body Shop knows you want to protect your car, so we’ve listed some tips to protect your vehicle when transporting your Christmas tree this holiday season:

  1. Grab Some Tools

Before you head out to find your tree, grab some tools that will help protect your car. You’ll need a tarp to place the tree on, gloves to help you grip the tree while placing it on the top of your car, and rope to secure the tree to the top of your car.

  1. Check the Size of the Tree

While selecting the biggest tree possible may sound great for decorating purposes, it is important to make sure that your tree can fit on the roof of your car. If the tree is too large to fit on top of your car, the needles and branches may scratch any areas that are not protected by the tarp. Additionally, a tree that is too large may obstruct your view while driving, which can lead to a collision.

  1. Make Sure Your Tree is Secure

When securing the tree to your car, give it a strong tug to make sure it is tightly in place. If the tree is not secure, it will slide as you drive, which can cause the tree to fall off and potentially damage your vehicle by hitting glass or scratching the paint.

  1. Drive Slowly

When transporting your tree home, make sure to drive slowly. While you may be excited to get the tree home as quickly as possible, keep in mind that the tree adds extra weight to your car. This additional weight alters your vehicle’s center of gravity, making it more difficult to maneuver your car to avoid a collision.

  1. Clean Up Your Car

Once you’ve gotten your tree home, take some time to clean your vehicle to prevent any damage to the interior and exterior. Vacuum up any needles you find in the interior to prevent scratches. Additionally, check the exterior of your car for tree sap. Tree sap can strip away the paint on your vehicle, so it’s important to clean it as soon as possible. Many retailers sell products specifically designed to remove tree sap from your car’s body.

Christmas tree shopping can be a fun event for the whole family. However, you still want to keep your car looking it’s best once you’ve picked the perfect tree. Santa Ana Body Shop is a leading name in auto body and collision repairs in the Houston, Texas, area. Give us a call at our West 34th St location at (713) 956-0524 or our Jones Road location at (281) 916-2001 to get started today!

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop