Don’t Let The Fall Leaves Ruin Your Paint! Here’s How You Can Protect Your Car

Fall is officially here, and with the season comes the beautiful red, yellow, and orange leaves. While these leaves may be great to look at, they can land on your car and damage the paint if left ignored. At Santa Ana Body Shop, we understand that drivers want to keep their vehicle in the best shape possible, so we’ve laid out some tips to help you protect your paint this fall:

  1. Prevent Leaves from Falling on Your Car

The easiest way to prevent paint damage from fall leaves is to park your car in an enclosed area when not in use. This fully protects your car from any outdoor elements that come along with fall – like leaves. If you do not have unlimited access to a garage, try to park in a covered area whenever possible. If a covered space is not available, avoid parking under trees and instead park in a spot that is open and free from leaves on the ground.

  1. Remove Leaves by Hand

Of course, leaves landing on your car at some point during the fall season is almost unavoidable. However, it’s important to clean these leaves off as quickly as possible, as if they are left ignored, they can decompose and release sap that can damage the finish on your vehicle. While removing the leaves is important, how you remove them is vital to protecting your car’s paint as well. Using a leaf blower may seem to be the easiest way to remove leaves from your car but can leave scratches on the paint. Instead, try removing them by hand to avoid any damage.

  1. Wash Your Car Often

Make time to wash your car regularly this season to remove any sap that fallen tree leaves have left behind. This can easily be done at home with a few simple products. Purchase a microfiber wash rag, a microfiber drying towel, and some liquid car soap. Wash your car at least every other week to keep your paint looking great.

  1. Apply a Wax After Washing

Waxing your car provides an extra layer of protection between your paint and any leaves that have fallen onto your car. Depending on the results you are looking for, there are a few different types of wax to choose from. Find the wax that best fits your needs and apply a fresh coat after washing your vehicle.

The falling leaves may be beautiful to look at, but they can easily lead to paint damage on your vehicle. To get your car looking great again, give Santa Ana Body Shop a call at our West 34th St location at (713) 956-0524 or our Jones Road location at (281) 916-2001. We’re the leading auto body shop in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop