The DIY Solution To Getting Rid Of Small Auto Body Dents

Santa Ana Body Shop knows that it can be frustrating to discover a dent on your car’s auto body. Many people believe that even a small dent means costly repairs. This is not always true, though. Here’s a simple DIY hack involving boiling water that can get rid of those small dents and save you some money:

Can Boiling Water Fix Small Car Dents?

Every DIY project and repair should be done at your own risk. The results will vary depending on the situation. There are many factors that impact your car. If you want to remove a small dent with boiling water, consider what the auto body frame is made of, how much water you need, what temperature the water is and the size of the dent. All this information will affect the repair. So, in the perfect situation, yes, boiling water can fix small car dents. However, keep in mind that results may vary depending on the dent.

What You’ll Need

Fortunately, there aren’t a lot of materials needed for this DIY solution. All that is required is a pot of boiling water. However, protective gloves are always recommended to protect the skin from burns. Additionally, drivers may also want to have a pot of cold water to quickly cool down and set the material once the dent has been removed.

Fixing a Dent with Boiling Water

There are no boiling water outlines when it comes to small car dents. The idea involves heat. So once the water begins to boil, carefully pour the liquid over the dent. If the water is hot enough and the auto body is made of plastic, the material should soften from the high temperature. It is up to the driver to mold the dent back in place. Act fast, though. Once the material cools down, the dent will harden again and won’t be shapeable. If the plastic hardens, but the dent is still there, drivers can always try again. However, every attempt could possibly make the dent worse. If you try this project at home, be careful of the boiling water splashing onto the skin.

Fixing a shallow dent in your car doesn’t mean high-cost auto body repairs. However, deeper dents on steel parts of your vehicle may require the work of a professional. Santa Ana Body Shop is a leading name in Houston, Texas for auto body and collision repairs. If your car is suffering from auto body damage, call our West 34th St location at (713) 956-0524 or our Jones Road location at (281) 916-2001 to get started today!

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop