How To Deal With Your College Student And Their Auto Insurance

It’s back to school time for everyone in Houston, Texas. That means moms and dads are preparing their kids for a new grade and new responsibilities. You want to prepare your child for everything, especially when they are going away for college. So, start working on your checklist for dorm room essentials, textbooks and auto insurance. It’s not every day that your son or daughter travels to a new town and starts to live on their own. Auto insurance will protect your teen and their car during their college venture. However, how much do you know about auto insurance and college drivers?

Pros of Auto Insurance for College Students

The biggest benefits of having your college student listed on your auto insurance are:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Discounts available
  • Same protection as parents
  • Shared responsibility

Your child’s safety is always a top priority for the insurance company and any body shop. So, one of the biggest benefits of having your child covered by auto insurance is that they have coverage during their college years. You can rest while your student is away because they are covered and so is the vehicle.

Another pro is your student is eligible for special discounts if they reach a certain GPA or earn high grades. The discounts and rewards change depending on the insurance group. So, research which insurance plan offers the best reward and most coverage for your college student.

In addition to protection and special offers, your young adult will also gain more responsibility for their car and their driving. You taught them everything they know, but it’s time for your son or daughter to learn on their own. Going away to a college or university is another step closer to adulthood.

Cons of Auto Insurance for College Students

The biggest cons for college drivers and auto insurance are:

  • Driving in unfamiliar areas
  • Paying higher fees
  • Teens driving with friends

Your insurance rates depend on so many contributing factors. It is nearly impossible to tell how much your bill will change when your teen is ready for college. Either way, prepare to pay more. As a teen driver, it is common for insurance fees to increase. This is because teens are still fairly new drivers.

Driving doesn’t get any easier for college students. Not only is it an unfamiliar town away from home, but some laws may differ depending on the state and county. So, make sure your child is aware of the local laws or has experience driving in this new environment.

Also, set some general rules for your college student to follow. This should be an open discussion between you and your teen. One suggestion is limiting the number of passengers allowed in the car. More people in the car creates more distractions for the driver. There is nothing wrong with being prepared. That’s why it is important to have emergency phone numbers and contacts saved in your phone.

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Written by Santa Ana Body Shop