Black Ice – A Houston Christmas Story On How To Avoid Collision Damage

When it comes to the roadways, an unfortunate Houston Christmas story is having to deal with driving on black ice. This hard-to-see road hazard can make driving extremely difficult and lead to a collision. At Santa Ana Body Shop, we know that safety is always the most important factor of driving, so we’ve listed some tips to stay safe and avoid collision damage when driving on black ice this season:

  1. Drive with Confidence

It may seem silly, but driving your vehicle with confidence means you are more likely to execute smooth and precise movements of the steering wheel, gas pedals, and brake pedals. If your car begins to slide on black ice, remain confident when driving to avoid reacting too quickly and slamming on the brakes. Instead, take your foot of the gas pedal and keep your eyes in the direction you want to go in, along with steering gently in that same direction.

  1. Know Where Black Ice is Most Likely to Occur

By knowing where black ice is mostly to form, you can take proper precautions when driving in these locations. This roadway danger is most common in shaded areas, tunnels, and overpasses. Be extremely cautious when driving in these areas to avoid a black-ice related collision.

  1. Drive at Reduced Speeds

Driving at slower speeds is one of the best precautionary measures you can take to avoid sliding. When conditions are right for black ice, make sure to drive at a lower speed and keep 8 to 10 seconds behind the car in front of you to give you time to react in the event that your car does begin to slide.

  1. Check the Weather Conditions

Before driving, check the weather to know if the conditions are right for black ice. If it is wet and temperatures are freezing, it is likely that there will be black ice on the road. Drive with extra cautiously or reschedule your drive if at all possible to keep yourself safe from a collision.

  1. Know What to Look For

Black ice can be tricky to spot, as it tends to blend in with the pavement. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid a black-ice related collision. When driving, scan the road for glossy patches on the road. If these patches stand out against duller sections of the pavement, it is a good indication that it is black ice and you should proceed with caution. Knowing how to spot black ice can help you avoid collisions by being aware of the roadway danger.

While Houston, Texas, may not be famous for its frigid temperatures, black ice is often a hazard that occurs on the roadway. This roadway danger can lead to major collision if not driven on carefully. If you’ve recently been involved in a collision due to black ice or any other factor, give Santa Ana Body Shop a call today at our West 34th St location at (713) 956-0524 or our Jones Road location at (281) 916-2001.

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop