5 Ways To Get The Best Deal On Collision Repair In Houston, Texas

Auto body repairs cost thousands of dollars depending on the type of damage and the car model. So, it is important to get the best deal you can when bringing your car in for collision repair. Since most Houstonians drive their vehicle every day from home, work and school, you want professional service with affordable prices. Here is a quick guide with five ways you can get the best deal on your next set of collision repairs. Follow this advice for auto body repairs in Houston, Texas.

1. Do Your Online Research

There are countless websites available to help with estimating the cost of collision repairs. Anyone can get on the Internet and research auto body repairs in Houston, Texas. Also, there are car blogs and online communities where car owners give their advice on which workshops offer the best deals near you. Your search can even be specific to the car maker or model. For example, if your vehicle needs a bumper or door replacement, research body shops in your area. See what other users are saying on Yelp, Google, Facebook and automotive websites like Carwise.com. Customer reviews reveal an open and honest account of what you can expect from an auto body shop.

2. Get an Honest Estimate

Next, after doing your online research, you should be visiting a body shop in your area. Bring your car in for an estimate. An estimate for collision repair should always be free. If there is a charge for auto body estimates, find another shop where the estimate is 100 percent free. Some body shops offer free estimates via text message or email. It’s best to visit the shop in person so the technician can see your car up close and give you the most honest estimate.

3. Ask Questions Before You Purchase

The body shop should explain every part of the estimate to you. However, you should feel comfortable to ask questions about the repair too. It’s your car so you want to know what type of pain does the shop use, how long will the job take, is there a warranty and what is included with your purchase. Asking questions makes an enormous difference. It allows you to feel more comfortable with the collision repair and you are fully aware of what the shop offers.

4. Participate in Your Collision Repair

Also, ask the auto body technician if there is anything you can do to make the repairs more affordable. You can purchase some car parts on your own instead of going through your insurance company. This option depends on your car and which part needs replacement. Although, it never hurts to ask or consider all your options.

5. Build a Relationship

In this case, you do not want to see your car in and out of a collision center. Keep in mind, we’re all human and accidents happen. So, if you find a body shop with affordable prices, fast service and a friendly team, save their number in your phone. Accidents and collisions can happen anytime so you want to prepare for the worst. Santa Ana Body Shop takes care of all our clients and their cars. We are a family business in Houston, Texas with excellent service.

To find the best deal on collision repair, you want to do your research, ask questions and build a relationship with one auto body shop. For collision repair in Houston, Texas, call Santa Ana Body Shop or visit us today. Estimates are always free and our repairs come with a lifetime warranty.

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop