4 Incredible Steps To Saving Your Car From Sun Damage

We all know that the sun contains powerful UV rays that are strong enough burn our skin. Sunlight causes permanent damage if we are exposed to these ultraviolet rays for long periods of time. Even a short time outside is dangerous if we do not protect ourselves. So, if the sun can cause this type of irreversible harm to human skin, how does it affect our cars? Will the sun cause similar damage to the paint and body of your precious motor vehicle? The answer is YES. Although, you have two options: Protect your car from the sun or find the right auto body paint for your vehicle.

Science Behind Your Car and the Sun

Our cars easily absorb the sunlight, especially when the auto body paint is a darker color. Outside temperatures depend on your area. However, in Houston, Texas, we know that temperatures are near 100 degrees in the summertime. Imagine 100 degrees of pure sunlight hitting your car for eight hours or longer. Most work and school days are eight hours. If you do not have covered parking, your car is baking in the sun. Extreme temperatures like this will cause cracks in the paint and even sunspots.

How to Avoid Sun Damage to Your Car

The best ways to avoid sun damage to your car’s paint in by:

  1. Keeping your car clean
  2. Using wax for your car
  3. Investing in a clear coat
  4. Parking in the shade

Keep Your Car Clean

If your car has dirt and grime on the surface, these particles will bake into the auto body paint. The sun is so hot, that the debris will almost melt into your car. So, if you keep your car clean, it is less likely that dirt will stick to the auto body surface.

Use Wax for Your Car

When visiting a professional car wash, the wax is often an extra charge. If you want to protect the car paint, consider going with the wax finish. Not only will your car have extra protection, but it will look shinier and cleaner too.

Invest in A Clear Coat

Wax is a nice finish for your car. A step further for protecting your car is investing in a clear coat to cover your auto body paint. Auto body shops use a special formula when repainting cars and adding the final touches. For example, Santa Ana Body Shop uses Tasco paints and clear coats to give your car full coverage from the sun.

Park in The Shade
Lastly, if there is shade available, park in the shade. It’s always better to avoid the sun in Houston, Texas. Some areas have parking garages and other parking lots offer covered parking for an extra fee. If your car will be spending several hours outside on a regular basis, pay for the one-time fee.

If it’s too late for your car and there is already damage to the auto body paint, visit Santa Ana Body Shop. Our technicians use the best paints and equipment so your car is good as new. Santa Ana Body Shop offers master collision repair and showroom quality for paints. Call our West 34th St location at (713) 956-0524 or our Jones Road location at (281) 916-2001 to contact Santa Ana Body Shop today!

Written by Santa Ana Body Shop